Wednesday, April 17, 2013


On one hand I'm really enjoying not having to do schooling the morning with the kids, on the other hand, I am already getting bored with all this remaking I'm doing and I can't even claim to be halfway through the list yet.

For the sake of my sanity I took a small break in the afternoon to let my brain have a bit of exercise. I
doodled a few shapes and thought I'd give them a go. The first idea fell apart as I realized that the lace was not going to behave the way I wanted it to without resorting to creating the shape in highly complex ways. I was not in the mode for something to be that challenging so I tried another shape floating around in my head.This one was far more cooperative and though I don't think I've hit the final design quite yet, still a bit more tweaking to be done, it's shaping up nicely and I feel a bit better. I'll play with it a bit more today and hopefully I'll find the sweet spot and have something new to show for it.

Once I felt satisfied that I had made a creative effort I went back to remaking for the rest of the day.
We did also manage one nice walk in the morning, but the wind here was bad again making another wise beautiful day a little too cold for my liking, so when I needed a little break, I read some more.

So today I'll focus on remaking again and when I need a break I'll play with the little flourish here. I already have other ideas what to do with the shape once I get it finalized. Oh, the other thing I realized yesterday was that I had my etsy anniversary day wrong in my head. It's actually the 19th, not the 18th. About the same time I discovered that I also decided not to worry about doing something too interesting for it. I was stressing myself out trying to come up with something and that's not doing anyone any good. So to recap, anniversary is not a big deal and there will be more tatting today. Yep, that about sums it up.

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Vicky said...

That little black flourish bit reminds me of a trebble clef. :)