Monday, April 29, 2013

The Weekend

It was a bit of a strange weekend and really I have nothing much to show for it. We headed out to Monterey on Friday. We go there often enough that the trip is generally without much surprise or stress. It was a lovely, cool, but sunny day and the almost complete removal from the computer and online life was a great distraction. I had brought tatting for the car ride, but without a project in queue, I didn't even touch it, preferring to just watch the world go by.

Saturday, the kids and myself were obligated to attend a baby shower. I dislike these things very much and was quite prepared to have an awful time, but the mother is a friend whom I like very much. Fortunately the one other person besides the mother-to-be that I knew was also a good friend and was as adverse to the social situation as I. We had a fine time with the aid of some champagne she brought and our complimentary senses of humor. Even the children were amused and the day was saved.

Sunday kind of slogged by as we had filled the days before it with so much. Again I read more Sherlock Holmes. In fact I think it's affecting the way I'm writing even this morning. So, my apologies for being a bit odder than usual. As I've only knocked out 13 stories so far, I fear I'll be like this for some time as I fully intend to read them all.

I still have no tatting in queue as the shop was fairly quiet all weekend. I'm hoping that it's just an end of the month lull and it will be back to normal in a couple of days. In the meantime I'll try to think of something interesting to create or make so I don't waste away the entire day reading. Not that reading is a waste of time, but it certainly won't contribute to my income nor creative body of work. So here's to a day of inspiration or tasks to complete.

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