Friday, April 5, 2013

No Rest

The amount of cleaning I subjected myself to yesterday was excessive and I'm still not really done. I got a little tatting done before schooling started, but after that was done it was all cleaning, all day. I vacuumed, did laundry and dishes. I cleaned off tables turned to storage spaces and counters in the same situation. I even tackled bathrooms, which I do not enjoy. Though I suppose there can't be too many people who do.

After the joy of the bathrooms I allowed myself a bit of a rest to work up the last motif of the custom order. Then it was right back to picking up. I even tidied my tatting corner, which usually resembles a crows nest. Not the kind on a ship, but an actual crow attracted to shiny things. Aside from the threads and needles and crochet hooks, there's always dozen of stray bits of tatting and beads and crystals and it's really ridiculous.

Late yesterday evening my nieces and nephew arrived, wrought a little chaos and then we tried to get the girls to sleep in the guest room which is apparently scary. So they're all on the couch with their big brother. I am so lucky my kids have thus far not had bedtime issues. They sleep like rocks wherever and whenever.

So today will be wrangling the children who are on spring break whilst trying to teach my two children who are not. Then I still have floors to clean, counters to wipe down and other sundry things to do. Then tomorrow I've got decorating, birthday party and the cleaning up after that. All that and I have a mask that was ordered overnight that needs making. So I suppose I have my work all cut out for me. This is definitely feeling like a no rest for the wicked type of week.

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