Thursday, April 4, 2013

One Down

I know I say this a lot, but what a day. I'm afraid I never did get the time to pick up a needle and thread because we adventured so completely for the the child's birthday. We started the day with a trip to the zoo a few towns over. We got there early securing prime parking and enjoyed the single best performance of their bird show ever. Not because it was flawless, but because the mistakes and bird incidents were many and hilarious, from the hawk who landed next to us refusing to complete his mission to the Black Vulture that chased an employee until she fell spectacularly. I should note she was fine afterwards, we asked, but just so very funny. The rest of the zoo trip was wonderful sighting things we'd not seen before and the weather was very nearly perfect.

After the zoo it was a trip to Toys R Us where they give the child a crown and balloon and announce her birthday while we shop. A few small toys later we're on our way home. I think we were home for maybe two hours when we headed back out of town for dinner. After dinner we were treated to our very first sighting of a hawk moth we mistook for a hummingbird initially. It was feeding at the jasmine outside the restaurant. The only giveaway to its true identity was a pair of antennae. We stayed and watched for quite some time before finally heading home and crawling into bed.

So today I have much work to do. I still have that custom order to finish and a house to clean. We're doing the birthday party on Saturday which would usually mean cleaning on Friday, but I am babysitting two nieces and a nephew overnight tonight and all day Friday. While I think I might be able to get some slave labor out of them for cleaning, I don't want to rely on that, so today I must clean and get things ready for the party and hope that a house full of 5 cousins doesn't result in complete destruction. All this while still getting regular schooling done both days. I'm starting the day with deep breaths and determination.

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