Monday, April 15, 2013

Read A Book

I think I have finally found the key to forcing myself into relaxation. You see when I say I'm going to take a little time off, I get bored quickly and generally start tatting or worse if I'm really determined not to tat, I clean. Since I read a book a few weekends ago I've been going through the house finding what is on the shelves that I hadn't had the time to read yet and pulling them down. This seems to be the ticket. I pick a book and I consume it over the weekend. My need to finish them quickly precludes too much else giving me a brain busy, but body relaxed sort of break. This weekend it was the novel my daughter has to read for school, The Book of Three. I hadn't read it as a kid so I thought I better have a clue before I start making her answer questions about it. Then I even started reading some Sherlock Holmes as I am embarrassed to admit I have only experienced as derivative works, never the original stories. Now all that is over for the week and I will get back to work knowing I finally I finally know how to take a weekend off.

I finished tatting up the large order, but I still have all the finishing work to do today. I need to add clasps, ear wires and press the whole lot before I can get it all mailed. After I take care of all that I still have several pieces to remake for the shop and get them all listed again. If by some miracle I get all that done this week it will be followed by some designing, because it is more than time for something new to fly off my needle, but it will have to wait its' turn.

I'll try to get some pictures of something to share for the rest of this week's posts as well because unless something interesting and unexpected happens, it promises to be a fairly boring and work oriented week. I don't want to bore you completely.

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