Thursday, April 25, 2013


I'm just not feeling very productive lately. I mean I got schooling done, then we went on a walk, mostly to get the kids away from the computers for a while. After that I worked on laundry and getting pictures done for all the new pieces. I got them listed, I sat down and then I proceeded to do next to nothing.

I mean it all starts with tasks aplenty, but then I just can't muster the energy to do much more than read some more Sherlock Homes or catch up with the shows on my dvr. I've knocked out two novels and four short stories so far, by the way. Of course that leaves like sixty stories left including two more novels, so I don't think I'll be an expert anytime soon.

I guess I should just focus on what I did get done. I named the new pieces 'Garden Portal'. I added the subtitle horizontal to one bracelet and diagonal to the other. I hope the difference is obvious enough to folk looking at the two. They're right next to each other in shop, at least until one of them sells. It seems most people had a clear opinion about which version they liked better so I guess only time will tell which will sell better...or at all.

Today I have to double up on classes with the girls because we're taking a day off tomorrow to adventure. My husbands jury duty interfered with the adventure we were going to have during their actual Spring break, so we're just going to carve out some time. After that, I do have one necklace newly in the queue to be remade, so I have at least one clear task for the rest of the morning. I do better with a nice clear list for the day. Let's hope I can focus then.

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God's Kid said...

Wonderful pendant!! :)