Monday, April 8, 2013


As you can imagine Friday was a bit of chaos. The three extra children in the house particularly during schooling was a bit of a challenge. Luckily the house is big enough to shoo them away to play elsewhere and my kids did manage to finish all their classes. I was also quite lucky that we had a few movies on hand that they hadn't seen yet which gave me peaceful hours to work on the ordered mask I needed to get done. Of course between movies, the chaos raised up again. I didn't bother trying to clean at all while they were here which was all day.

Saturday was a whirlwind of activity almost from the time I woke up. There was cleaning, decorating and assembling favor boxes. Then the house full of people for a couple hours followed by again cleaning, undecorating and attempting to wind back down. I've also been sneaking in some more reading since I managed to finish the book, I got a taste for it again. I finished the one I picked after that, but it was a much longer read.

Sunday was a comparatively lazy day. The house was clean, the kids had new toys to play with and I picked yet another unread book off the shelf to start my morning. This one I managed to knock out in about 4 hours while the rest of the family played video games. Once that was done I got back to my tatting queue. I'd been so busy this week it's basically been ignored. I fished up a pair of ankle corsets and moved onto a mask. That one I should get done this morning and there are still a few large pieces on the list I can get round to as well.

This week promised to be nearly as busy as the last one. The oldest child has state testing to attend two days this week and the other child has her annual doctor's appointment the day after those. I know that that doesn't sound like too much to worry about, but every day away from routine...well, it just throws everything off. It's like I'm riding in the Heart of Gold and I'm just waiting for normality to be restored. Bonus points if you got the reference.

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