Monday, April 22, 2013

Break Is Over

I had a pretty productive weekend. My etsy anniversary sale started out quite slowly. In fact it was
pretty much dead around here most of Friday. This allowed me to get the flourish pendant and earrings listed and I made up a new bracelet in a completely different pattern. It's another vintage pattern that I mucked with a bit until I thought it could withstand wearing. It's pretty dense so it took a bit longer than it's simplicity would suggest, but it gave me something to do while I waited for the sale to kick in. I should get it listed later today so long as I manage some free time. We're back to schooling today and there will likely be some kicking and screaming from the children which usually exhausts me.

It may have had a slow start, but the sale definitely didn't stay that way. I had plenty of orders, many of which that were custom color or length and I spent much of the weekend tatting away. I managed to get all the orders done up by last night so they'll all go out this morning. Then I just have a few pieces that will need to be remade.

The part of the weekend that wasn't spent on tatting and orders was spent planting. The college next to us has an annual plant sale in their horticulture department so we took advantage and picked up some plants we'd never heard of. Sunday morning I dug holes in difficult clay soil, planted everything, added drip lines and complained about the 90º weather even though I know it's going to get so much hotter that, I'll long for 90º soon enough. I know I should have saved a little for today, to celebrate Earth Day, I think it was close enough. So today, it's schooling, listing the bracelet, remaking a couple of things and trying not to get annoyed at the children. Should be fun.

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Vicky said...

Glad to hear the sale went well!

Here's to hoping the kiddos are less protesting than anticipated! ;)