Friday, April 12, 2013


I think I implied during my post yesterday that I was running low on energy and apparently that was truer than I thought. We managed to get schooling done early enough that it was done before the doctor's appointment. The doctor was running later than we're used to so we spent far longer so we spent far longer waiting than usual and I think that's when it started.

When we got home it was already about lunch time, so we ate and after that I got back to tatting. I've been working off the receipt in order which was conveniently purchased by type, first bracelets, then necklaces, followed by earrings and bobby pins. So I just finished the earrings and I thought I'd sit back for a few minutes before I got to the one necklace I skipped and then the bobby pins. Instead, I sat back and drifted away. Not to sleep really, but I really just zoned out and before I knew it the afternoon was gone, the husband was home from work, I'd gotten nothing else done and I was still feeling pretty dazed.

I suppose I had been running on fumes and my body had finally had enough of it. I often get comments and questions about how I manage to get so very much done. Apparently I just run myself until I can go no further and then after a short rest I do it all again. I really don't recommend it. Hopefully I'll find a little quiet time this weekend. There isn't too much planned except for the unexpected request to babysit my nieces overnight on Sunday again. I'll keep, slowly, working on the large order and next week is the kids spring break so rest and recovery may be on the horizon either way. I may even have time to create. I'm not holding my breath of course, but sometimes possibilities are everything.

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