Thursday, April 11, 2013

One Task Down

Another day sitting in a hallway. It wasn't exactly exciting, but I did get quite a lot of tatting done. Apparently I'm even faster without the distractions around the house. You know, the million little things that are always calling for my attention, the kids, things that want to be cleaned or put away, even the television that occasionally wants me to actually pay attention to it. Sitting in the hallway there were only a few moments that required I actually stopped working so I think there's a good chance I'll be done with this large order far sooner than predicted.

We got out of testing a little later than we were suppose to, but she is completely done for the year, so it's all good. Plus as we rolled up to the house, the fence fellow was just departing having already finished the work while I was away. Though they had to completely replace the damaged posts, they'd only had to change out a few slats, so it doesn't look bad at all and the work is guaranteed for a year, so I'm feeling pretty good about all that. The rest of the day was more tatting and more tatting and getting a new printer because I was about to throw the old one out a window or go all Office Space on it.

Today won't get me back to normal yet though. The youngest child has her yearly doctors appointment right after schooling which generally consists of waiting for what seems an eternity and then being seen for 10, 15 minutes. Which is fine because she's healthy and we have no issues, but it will keep the day from reaching normality. I am starting to think about maybe doing a sale or something for my 7th anniversary selling on etsy that's coming up on the 18th. Someone on facebook suggested a new pattern, but they are so very much work for me to put together. I envy those who can create, write out, diagram and post them so efficiently. I can create them okay, but I don't think I even have the energy for that right now, forget about all the other parts that I can barely pass at. So, it will more likely be a one day sale in the shop. It's still a little ways off, so it could change. I guess I should just continue to focus on the large order for the time being.

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Vicky said...

Maybe you could make a signature anniversary piece at a special savings for the day? Perhaps a seven-pointed motif/star or something with black thread & onyx stones? (The interwebs say onyx is the stone for a 7th anniversary.)

Congrats on your 7th year! Here's to many more! :D