Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Another extremely busy, busy day. I started tatting even before I did schooling trying to get a jump on things. I didn't finish the pile of pendants until after though. I really shouldn't complain. It took me two days last year to make  all the Tatting Day sale pendants and another day to get them all packed and shipped out. Yesterday I got them all done, packed and ready to go out this morning.

Of course there was a fun little etsy email glitch where it sent the wrong address along with its' shipping notifications rightly confusing several customers. Luckily one emailed me quickly, I was able to figure out who was affected and I sent out messages of apology. Etsy says it's fixed now, but boy that added a pile of extra tasks to the day.

I also managed to get back to a custom order I got before the Tatting Day pendants. I have two pieces left to finish on that and since we're adventuring to an out of town zoo today for the child's birthday, I likely will get nothing tatted today. All tatting tasks will be on hold until Thursday unless there is a lull in the day.

I don't think anything else of interest occurred yesterday. I'm waiting on a large order that may be coming this week, but I haven't heard anything on it since last Tuesday so there's a chance it's not happening either, but if it does I'll have quite the queue to remake on my hands soon. Until then it's a small queue and today it's just the zoo.

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rsmre said...

We took our grandson to the zoo on Monday. The zoo had posted a message at the entrance to the polar bear exhibit alerting everyone about the polar bears amorous activities this time of the year. A few minutes later my husband was ushering our grandson away from the exhibit! Have a great time at the zoo.