Tuesday, April 9, 2013


You know how you expect a day to go one way and then it just goes sideways and there's nothing you can do to reign it in. Yep, that was yesterday. It started with an order right after I finished blogging with a piece I needed to make, so I hurriedly finished the mask that was on my needle and then got to work on some barefoot sandals. Not sideways enough for you?

It was a terribly windy day here, not hurricane strength or anything, but a good 30 mph with some serious gusts. This is significant because we have a long fence on one side with a post busted at the ground level that does not like the wind. We had actually called the people who handle the property next door about getting it fixed weeks ago since it's shared property with no response. Well yesterday afternoon, this happened. The thing blew back and forth like a loose tooth until it snapped.

I propped it up as best as I could hoping it would fall and crush all our wild flowers, called the property management to let them know the situation had worsened, then after the husband got home from work, this finally happened. Yep, seen from out bedroom window, that's four sections of fence on the ground. Wind came and blew it right down leaving nails sticking out and snapped wood slats. We called the property management back since we figured the renters/University students next door wouldn't. Now we cross out fingers that it gets taken care of quickly. Small favor that it did fall down on their side leaving our flowers uncrushed...for now. I have a feeling they'll be destroyed when the fence is repaired.

Still not sideways enough? At the same time I'm trying to desperately stop picture A from becoming picture B I'm fielding messages regarding a large order I mentioned briefly maybe a week ago. I actually assumed that they had changed their minds so I wasn't expecting it at all. I had also initially assumed it would be a dozen pieces or so since that seems to be the generally size of an order of this kind. When, after some back and forth, it finally went through, it was about 40 pieces and my free time is officially cancelled for the next week or two at least. While some of the pieces are already made, most are not. Luckily they are mostly smaller pieces, no masks, large chokers or ankle corsets, but 40 is still a pretty big number for me.

So I started the morning assuming a nice meandering day before all the routine breaking tasks of the week and instead I got handed many more things to do and I didn't even tell you the story of the rebelling printer. Certainly half of my story is a happy one. Even if unexpected, a large order is a good, good thing. Now if it just hadn't been balanced by the fence and the printer, I would have called it a win. As it stands, it was a crazy, crazy, sideways day and I don't even need to tell you what I'll be doing today.

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Anonymous said...

OK, that's worse than what happened here - we had only 1 section partially down. But the poison ivy vines were so thick we think they were holding the rest of the fence up.

We had ownership questions too. I thought it was the neighbor's fence until one of my brothers (the current owners) said No, he thought Mom had it put in sometime in the mid-'90s. Turned out he was correct, which was good; if we'd waited for the neighbor to replace it we'd still be waiting. Now we have a nice new fence which I will probably paint or stain as soon as the weather settles, to hopefully protect it so it will last longer.

I wish you luck with yours; I was thinking about animals getting out but if you have only cats maybe they all stay indoors?