Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Motif

Well, schooling didn't go too bad yesterday, at least not because the kids didn't want to do it. No, our problem was that the online school went down just as I was finishing up with the youngest kids classes and starting the second half with the older one. Luckily she had three chapters of a novel she needed to read so she did that while I beat my head against the computer until they finally got the problem sussed an fixed.

After schooling I went straight outside to check on all the new plants. I also got it in my head to prune the grape vine and remove a nuisance rose bush that sprang up last year near the established one. I'm not certain ripping a plant up is very "Earth Day", but it was in a bad place and I'm not overly fond of roses to begin with. Plus it will give my stargazer lilies more space to bloom. All this gardening nonsense followed by some vacuuming took me all the way to lunch time with no tatting.

By the time I got round to picking up my needle and thread I was in the mood to create rather than produce, so I doodled a bit. I literally drew the proposed image out with my finger on my couch first and it actually worked up like the impression. The first time I did it without the third, outside ring at the corners and it didn't feel complete. The second time I added it and I was already pretty happy with the result. If one was so inclined, the larger rings might even look neat with a big bead, or I suppose you could substitute the center ring with a button. Though I am definitely not a button tatting fan. It just not my bag.

I did take it one step further and began turning the motif into a bracelet, because that's what I do. It will likely be a little on the short side, but it will fit me perfectly. I might work out a few slight changes to make it fit more universally, or maybe not...I guess we'll see. I also noted that the motif would work up into a square mat fairly nicely. Though again, that's not really what I tend to do.

So today I imagine I'll get the bracelet done and then decide if there's anything else I'd like to do to exploit the new motif. Then I'll try to get it listed as a pendant and bracelet. I think I'm done with remaking for the time being. There are still a few masks that I should get made up at some point, but masks haven't been selling much lately so that's really not an immediate need. Maybe I'll try doodling again and see if anything else comes of it and I will also try not to do anymore gardening because it's a lot of work.

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