Thursday, February 21, 2013


It was another long day of schooling with the children. You see, the oldest has reached the point where she is required to occasionally write essay answers and while she can verbally spout off answers that are generally well thought out, she dislikes writing them. This causes us to have a bit of a power struggle as I insist that writing is in fact necessary not only for school, but you know, life. Of course my Achilles heel in school was the numbered word length papers. I contended that if I could answer the question complete with all needed supporting information in fewer words that was in fact better than filling a paper with fluff to meet the requirements...this didn't always work out for me, but I still stand by my assertion.

After schooling I managed to finish the necklace that needed making and I got back to the art piece. I stopped to take a picture, but again I went for abstract. Honestly I think it looks like art all by itself, but clearly I'm biased as I took it. I was just thinking of looking back through all the times I took pictures of piles of unpressed lace and see how many of these sort I've taken over the years. Maybe I'll actually get prints of a few to hang, okay probably not, but it could be a neat idea.

I'll be back at the art piece today. I'd say I'm about a fourth through the last piece, so it's the home stretch. I also got a custom request for a few pairs of the earrings I showed you yesterday, so I'll be making those up today as well. This month is definitely picking up a bit and here's hoping it continues to get busier. I am much more focused with orders and deadlines, not that I don't enjoy a little free time, but too much is not so great. I much prefer busy.

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