Thursday, February 7, 2013


Another day of exactly what I planned to do, no surprises, no extra entertainment, just schooling and white thread.

Directly after schooling ended I got back to work on the art project and that was most of my day. White thread, careful counting, stopping very so often to inspect the work for stray hairs and mistakes. I managed to get the first and second rounds done on the first piece, but I only stopped to take this one picture. I decided since you've seen the pattern already I'd go for a nice abstract lace picture. This is as I was working the end of the first round and the whole length is dangling from my needle...cascading lace into darkness. Can you tell the monotony is getting to me a bit.

I did get one reprieve from the task at hand as my mother-in-law came by in the afternoon to get a crocheting lesson. When I met her she was solely a knitter and not a very ambitious one, but she literally knitted dishcloths everywhere she went...everywhere. Since then she's enlisted me on countless occasions to help expand her repertoire and knits all sorts of things, uses the knitting loom and now crochets. I think she still thinks tatting is too small, delicate and requires too much attention to bother with. Maybe one day.

So I see today the next part of the TIAS up so I'll get to that this morning. Then after schooling it's again back to the white thread. I should manage to finish the first piece today and then I suppose I'll start the next. I have been pretty good about ignoring the state of the etsy shop lately, but I just checked and so far this month, I've pulled in 2 sales and that is not good. So I'm starting to stress on that a bit now. It is a traditionally slow month, but I haven't even gotten any Valentine's purchases which has me worried for the rest of the month. I suppose it's a good thing I have a project to focus on or I'd be racking my brain for ideas to pull out of the slump. It won't stop me from complaining here a bit though to get it out of my system. Again I leave you with the hope for a nice surprise today, a sale, a request an interesting message, anything that will stave off monotony.

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