Wednesday, February 6, 2013

As Planned

When days go exactly as planned I find that I have little of interest to share the next morning. There was early morning schooling with little complaint and then it was straight onto tatting the barefoot sandals that needed remaking. The only surprise there was that I really ought to inventory what thread I have so I can order more of the colors I have been using the most of. The teal thread I used yesterday is almost at an end and I find that I never "need" thread until I'm almost out.

Once those were made, it was scrubbing up for the white thread work again. It really is cumbersome to make certain that all the thread and lace stays inside baggies or hovers over them while I work. To make matters more interesting my oldest cat, who is a black, longhair cat, has been particularly needy lately. His fur is absolutely the worst when working with white. I actually draped a shawl over him yesterday as he wouldn't leave my lap and that was the best way to separate him from the tatting without being mean. I didn't stop to get any progress pictures, but I'm not even finished with the first round yet so I'll be back at it today.

No new tatting orders in the queue for today either, so it really is just the art project. I'll try to remember to get some pictures so you at least have something to look at tomorrow. Here's hoping something interesting happens today though. I need some interesting soon.

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