Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Before schooling yesterday I had time to get the day 9 of the TIAS made up and I actually remembered to send a picture to Jane this time, I forgot on day 8. It's become pretty obvious that it's a pram, as the British call it, baby buggy, old fashioned stroller...yeah, I like pram better. Definitely not something I would have tatted otherwise, that's for certain.

After schooling, there were several chores that needed doing before I busted out the white thread. In fact I did everything I could think of before that, laundry, dishes,seasoning a new griddle. Then I felt like I was scrubbing up for surgery as I made sure my work space was extra clean and relatively cat free. The lace went in a bag as it was being tatted and the thread was in a separate bag as well. Tatting in white is so nerve racking. I managed to get the piece for an exchange done and then just the two end motifs of the first art piece. I'm doing some extra careful tatting again as mistakes are easier to see in white as well.

I have a pair of barefoot sandals I need to get remade today and then I'll get back to the white. I fear it's going to be slow going as I only have enough patience for so much white tatting in any given day. I need to be able to scratch my face and run my fingers through my hair and that's a big no no with the white as I fear trace face oils and residual hair dye. I also have to keep the cats further away, no lap sitting as their fur aspires to be part of any piece of lace I tat. Tatting with white thread is just so much more of a chore for me, but it should look amazing when it's done, so I persevere.

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