Wednesday, February 13, 2013


It's amazing to me how one short meeting in the middle of the morning can throw off an entire day. We started schooling, had to stop to go to the teacher meeting and then had to do more school when we returned home. So pretty much the whole morning was off and I got nothing else done until after lunch.

I thought some more about expanding on the new motif, but nothing was clicking, so I went back to the white art piece. I settled on a couple of the small changes for the second piece. The cluster of three picots on the bottom rings and chains are the first. I was done with the first round until I came around to finish it ans realized that I had joined the bit in the wrong place. I though about just cutting out that small section and redoing it, but it was have been sloppy. After a few minutes of lamenting I cut out the whole affected side. It was a bit painful, but I want it to be as high quality as possible. Of course that means instead of starting the second round today I have to go back and do the second side of the first round again...oh, well.

The shop is still painfully slow so I have nothing in the queue to worry about. I suppose it will be a white thread day unless some new idea comes to me over the course of the day. Though I really ought to just get these white pieces done and over with. They are so large and a little bit complex that they're taking far longer than I originally anticipated. Here's hoping they look like that took that long when they're done. So I guess I really have no idea what I'll ultimately get up to today and that's never a good sign.

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