Tuesday, February 26, 2013

They Work

I'm in a bit of a rush this morning as I still have to get ready for our day long field trip. Usually I'm completely on top of these things, over prepared really, but with this weekends moving nonsense I think my head is just not quite on straight yet.

I managed to get the two pieces I needed to remake yesterday done even though schooling went extra long. Apparently the oldest child is just as fond of book reports as I was. I loved reading, I hated writing the report, but don't tell her that. Anyway, after that I made up another pair of the post earrings, this time in color, just to see how they would look. The first pair passed the shower test with flying colors. They weren't even a little bit warped and dried on their own in a couple of hours while I was still wearing them.

I ran these ones past the folks on my Facebook page and I got some good feedback. One bit was that I used the really inexpensive earring bases from Michael's and after a little internet digging I'm pretty sure they're nickle. That doesn't bother me at all, it's what a lot of fashion jewelry is made from, but it can cause issues for folks with metal sensitivity or allergies. So I'll likely be listing these on Wednesday after I have some time to make a few other colors up and as soon as the Surgical Steel ones I just ordered arrived, I'll offer those as well.

I didn't get any time to work on the other art project idea and I won't have any time to tat today as our trip is a train ride to the State Capitol building and they have a strict, no pointed objects rule. Besides sometimes one just needs to stop and enjoy the view, right? My hands may want to be busy much of the time, but even they should take a break every now and again.


pluto1415 said...

FYI - Surgical Stainless Steel is not nickle free. Those with severe nickle allergies (like me) cannot wear it. I have to look for things that are specifically nickle free.

God's Kid said...

Great earrings!! Like both the blue and the black ones!! :)

Trish G said...

I love these!