Monday, February 18, 2013


I was about to start with, 'it was a long weekend', but I still have one more day with the rest of the family off from work and school, so it's currently a long weekend. There was much cleaning over the last few days both inside and out as the weather was quite pleasant. Of course we have another storm moving through soon which should have us hibernating again shortly.

I did manage a bit of tatting throughout the weekend as well, not as much as I probably should have, but honestly the lack of sales this month is starting to get me a bit depressed. This isn't the normal, whiny lack of sales that's actually just a slight slowdown from normal, this one has been really bad, like 90% down from last year this same month, bad. I'm sure it'll turn around eventually and I did get one sale yesterday so maybe it already is. This is definitely challenging my somewhat limited ability to be optimistic though.

What I did get tatted this weekend was the second of the three white art pieces. I could have sworn that I took a photo of it, but I can't find it, so I must be mistaken. I also worked on the the lattice technique some more. Thanks to Marilee's comment I had the confidence to play with it some more and by changing the count on the Victorian sets/zig-zag stitches, whatever you'd like to call them, I was much more pleased with how the chains laid. Of course again I have to confess that a picture I thought I took of my latest attempt doesn't exist. I'm going to blame exhaustion due to cleaning. That's probably not true, but it could be, so let's stick with that.

Since I did finally sell something, I have one piece to remake today and then I need to start on the third and final art piece. I'm still trying to work out the small differences I want to do on the third one. I thought about removing many of the picots, but they're important for that overall lacy effect, so I will likely attempt another configuration change with them once I get inspired. So here's to inspiration and a productive day.

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