Monday, February 4, 2013


I don't think it's really possible to do less than I accomplished this weekend. Well, Friday was fine, I got the things in queue made up after schooling. Then I felt an aversion to pulling out the white thread so I stalled. The stalling increased and became epic avoidance and I didn't tat a darn thing all weekend. That's not entirely true, I did get the day 8 of the TIAS made up early Saturday, but that was it. That was the last I touched a needle.

The rest of the weekend was family errands and crochet. I finished the afghan I was working on and immediately proceeded to start another since I had so much cheap yarn left over that really ought not be used for anything but blankets with the primary purpose of keeping cats from destroying chairs.

So then what to do with this fresh Monday I have in front of me? Well, I have an exchange request to deal with that requires I make a piece up, in white no less. So I figure if I can get the white thread out for that, I can start to get to work on the white art pieces after that's wrapped. This means tatting with everything in plastic bags and avoiding touching my face and hair for hours on end. You'd think that wouldn't be difficult, but as soon as I typed that sentence I had to stop and scratch my cheek and my head, so I've got my work cut out for me. February hasn't seen a single sale in the shop yet, so I'm also hoping that the fresh week means fresh sales. I really do need the motivation of sales to get any real work done. So here's to a busy week.

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