Friday, February 8, 2013

Ah, Friday

Another uneventful day...seriously, I'm about to write the whole week off as a complete waste of time. Of course that's not entirely true. I have gotten plenty of work done. It just wasn't interesting or note worthy and we're going on day 4 with no activity in my shop as well. Let's just say, I'm glad that today is Friday and perhaps the weekend can reset the whole mood so we can start fresh next week.

Before schooling I did get day 10 of the TIAS done. It was a longer bit than most of them, but split rings with the needle are fairly easy so, it was still done quickly. Jane really is one crafty, inventive designer. The patterns she comes up with to create recognizable shapes are just so clever. It occurs to me just now that I didn't email my picture to Jane though...oops. Not that she needs my picture, there are countless folks participating.

After schooling it was back to the white thread just like the day before and the day before that. I did get the first piece done and I started on the second. I am going to be making some aesthetic changes with each piece. It won't be anything structural, but a different picot combination here and there, just to give each piece a little more of its own identity while keeping them clearly related. Again, I felt the need for a nice abstract picture to fill in the boring blogging.

As you already guessed today shall be the same routine again. After teaching the children, the white thread will come out and I'll work on that until the evening or until something else takes my attention. Although the way this week is going I don't have much hope for distraction. I really need to think on something new to do or make soon...yeah, I've got nothing. Here's hoping the Universe sends some sales, a project, or a muse, whichever the Universe prefers is fine with me. And now, because I felt like it, I will end the post with a lap cat picture.

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Vicky said...

I'll play mini-muse!

How about a new hair-decoration design? Do a google image search for hair barrette stick. I'm not sure what these type of barrettes are really called, but they're pretty! And very useful for those of us with longer hair. I love your bobby pins, but pins never work in my hair, so I can't use yours. I always have my hair in a bun at the office, though, so a tatted piece in ths stick-barrette style would be a very neat change of pace! Especially in colors! Wouldn't necessarily need a backing to the lace. The wearer's hair would be contrast enough. And you can buy porcupine quills on etsy for pretty cheap, I think. :)