Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Now, A Bracelet

Again, I didn't touch the white thread at all yesterday. Since there was no schooling to worry about, I went straight back to the new motif to see if I could further exploit it and of course I could. Usually when I have a motif I want to make into a bracelet, I just tat three of them together. This works pretty often because the motifs I create are generally the same size. This one was just a bit too big and the point where I would need to join weren't even enough to make a seamless connection so I had to redesign the piece as a single body. Luckily I had so many prototypes lying around it was easy to lay them across each other and guess the right changes. Of course there was no way to know if it was really going to work until I was finished and I messed up on the first go around on a few joins, so I had to make another.

I know you probably can't see the mistakes in the first pictures, but I needed it to be better before I listed it. I offered the first one up on Facebook as a prototype and then went to work on a second one. The piece is still longer than my usual bracelets at about 7 inches, but that's still a pretty normal wrist size and the beauty of using the hooks as closures is you can hook further into the lace making it smaller if you want. The sun was leaving as I finished the final piece, so hopefully I'll get around to getting it photographed and listed today.

We're back to schooling today and I have a teacher meeting for the youngest early this morning, so who knows when I'll finally get to sit down and work again. I don't think I'll do any more pieces with this motif since I think it might be too wide for a tight choker. I might be able to build it up for something else though. Okay, maybe I'm not done with it yet. My queue is still empty and I really need to get back to the art piece soon as well so I've got got plenty of tasks to chose from when I do get to work. This is definitely shaping up to be a different kind of week than last week.


God's Kid said...

That is really great!! :) Love the design!! :)

Amy mier said...

As I don't have it in my hands I can't say for sure but if you added a few on the sides would or make a good gauntlet?