Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Another morning exhausted, but at least this time I have an adventure to blame instead of drama or cleaning. We left about 7 yesterday morning and didn't get home until after 7 in the evening. We took a train and then bus to the California State Capitol building in Sacramento. We visited both it and the the California Museum that is a couple of blocks from there. We even got to have a talk with an Assemblyman where I kept my mouth as shut as possible because it was a nice thing for all the kids, not my kids particularly, but the other ones. Then it was a stroll through the mall back to the train station where we took the train all the way home.

My husband left these photos on my desktop this morning...he must have realized that I would want to steal them for the blog. This first one is me and girls in front of the Capitol building in the sun, the only place it was warm. The wind was something else, but otherwise it was a beautiful day. And because apparently no matter where I go, I will run into something tatted we have a picture of a dress from the Suffrage display in the Notable Californian Women section of the museum. Yep, there's a nice tatted collar there and yes, I recognize most of the elements of it from my stash of vintage pattern books.

Since I was out of town all day, I of course had more messages over at etsy than usual and trying to answer them while touring a building was a bit awkward. So today I have a few messages to catch up with and then I have a couple of small pieces that sold during the day that will need to get made. I also need to get back to the post earrings. I was shamed on facebook for the design I think, since they are so simple and really not my style, so I might try to come up with another design that fits the dimensions, but is more me. I was also informed that even surgical steel is not allergy proof, so I did a little more research and ordered up some titanium posts as well which are absolutely nickle free. Of course at the end of this experiment I will have far more posts than I will likely ever use. I'm also feeling pretty lucky to have no real metal sensitivities myself. So here's to a nice, quiet, productive day.

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rsmre said...

I'd love to know how you attached the earring post to the tatting. Also, I didn't know that surgical steel wasn't totally nickel free. Thanks for the info.