Thursday, February 14, 2013

Black and White

It was another long schooling day at our house. The 8 year old is currently learning "algebraic thinking" which apparently means math with variables and not surprisingly this one class is taking much longer as she attempts to digest this concept. So again, I didn't get to tat anything until well after lunch.

Unfortunately I was not feeling creative, so I just got back to the white art piece. It took me hours just to redo what I had to cut out the day before, but I did have some time to start on the next round. Again, I made a few picot changes, but this time they were anticipation of changes I plan on making in the final round to the scallop edge. I only got one side done, so there's still plenty of that left for today.

I've been working with a black scarf on my lap between me and the cats so that's why the last couple of pictures have the great black background. Do they remind anyone else of the old antique pattern book pictures. In fact, since they haven't been pressed yet, they even have some of the unevenness of them. Not the looseness though, some of those books were full of the floppiest tatting I've ever seen which is why I always have to tat up the patterns myself to see what the final design actually looks like.

I've got nothing else new to work on today, so you'll probably get another black and white photo again tomorrow. There is always the chance that I find myself inspired, but I wouldn't bet any money on it. I think the algebra might be getting to me as well, or at least the tension of the child working on algebra anyway. I fear it will be another long, uneventful day.

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