Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I didn't get nearly as much done yesterday as I would have liked, but on the positive side it was partly because I was tasked with making a custom pair of earrings around midday. These were made to match a necklace the customer had bought from me quite some time ago. They were very simple of course, but there's a certain extra bit of satisfaction to have someone come back and want more of your work, so simple or not, making them sort of made my day.

The rest of the day that wasn't devoted to schooling the children was spent making up a custom awareness ribbon bracelet and starting to remake a sold necklace. That's all I was able to get done during the day though, no art piece work at all.

That brings us to today's tasks. I need to finished remaking the sold necklace and get back to work on the white art piece and that is the whole of my queue. It should keep me pretty busy today and maybe even tomorrow as well. The necklace giveaway and the few sales it generated have put me in a much better mood. I'm feeling productive, creative and content. Oh and I have another cat picture for you, this time a chair cuddle puddle consisting of Isis, Chi Sai and Ji Ji, enjoy.

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God's Kid said...

Maybe those earrings are simple, but they are elegant!! :)