Thursday, August 16, 2012


I don't even know how to start all the thank you's this morning. Seriously, what a day! The sales began straight away and continued all day long. I was in complete shock by the sheer number of them particularly because usually my coupon codes are universally ignored. Also all the fabulously supportive comments on the blog made my day. I really was just venting and know not to take these things seriously, but having the support makes everything so much better. Sometimes I think we take our support systems for granted, but days like yesterday remind me how lucky I am. I have a wonderful husband, a loving family, friends that surprise me for dinner, with flowers no less, even though I know that they are beyond busy and a network of people online that support, critique, comment  and occasionally buy my wares boosting my self esteem and keeping me grounded. It was a wonderful birthday. Thank you all so very much!

As you might have guessed the sale was a rousing success. So much so that I will be ridiculously busy for weeks remaking pieces and I find myself a bit overwhelmed this morning. I kept up with them all day, but overnight the number of orders grew again. I've also got the first day of school to knock out today with the kids and since they didn't release any of the lessons early for me to prep for it's going to be a heck of a day there as well. I'm glad I have a fridge stocked with caffeinated beverages, because I'm going to need them. Thanks again everyone, really.

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Pat Greninger said...

Sorry I missed out on your birthday sale. I am happy that it went well for you. I have always admired your designs for their unique features. Know that you have more friends than critics when it comes to needle vs shuttle tatting. I prefer shuttle tatting but your pieces create a place for needle tatting and should be accepted as beautiful work.