Thursday, August 2, 2012

One Task Down

Yesterday was a stark contrast to the day before. The last day of July was hopping with orders and questions and all sorts of things. The first day of August was quiet as a mouse. That's not to say I didn't have plenty to do of course. I still had left over tasks to accomplish. I actually finished the tatting on the the mask and eye patch order so I will be getting all the finishing work done on it today. If you've been wondering what this finishing business I keep mentioning is, it's a bunch of little things. All the pieces will need to be pressed and rid of any cat hair that might have escaped notice while working. Then ribbons need to be cut and added to all of them. Because there are a bunch of new color combinations in the order I'll get some nice pictures of them to add to listings or just to have 'just in case'. Then there is the packing and finally shipping. So it's not something I can really get done early enough in the morning to ship them out today.

After that's done I'm all caught up in the shop so again I'll be hoping for elytra in the mail today. They're coming from overseas though and it's only been a week since they shipped so it will probably still be another week. I'm just trying to be optimistic. Yeah, I know that's not a good look on me.

I couldn't properly solve the rose pattern mystery yesterday either. I looked up my blog posts from when I used it and my first rose was actually designed as an anklet to match an existing tattoo of a customer. That, I do remember. It appears that I did in fact make it up myself by building up the design for the eye patch that came next and was designed to match. I still feel like I must have seen something similar, but it's been four years and exhaustive searches have gotten me nowhere so I'm tossing my hands in the air and giving up the search. Part of the reason for the search was I want to now make the roses as pendants for the shop, but I wanted to get the pattern origins nailed down first. I think I'm going to make them anyway. They're different enough from more recent similar roses that I've seen around to be safe in that.

So today is mask order finishing and rose tattoo pendant making unless the mail surprises me or August picks back up right away. Either way I'll make sure I'm busy again because I like busy.

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