Friday, August 10, 2012

And Friday

I'm pretty sure I accomplished some things this week, but here on Friday morning it feels like it was pretty much a waste of a week. The temperature here is suppose to start spiking today to uncomfortably high levels and stay there for some time which means I don't have much faith for a productive weekend either. Of course I seem to remember it being the same when I was a kid and it was the week before school started. There's a sense of panic that you didn't adventure or relax enough and time is running out added to the fear of the unknown. Of course it might also be that I'm just annoyed because they made a lot of changes in the online school over the summer and aren't loading anything in until the first day of school. This leaves me with no time to prepare and you know how much I need to go into things fully informed. I can't even start my day until I rambled my daily schedule to the world. So just the fear of the unknown then.

I still have three more snowflakes to finish up and then that project moves onto the finishing stage which includes a dose of glitter modge podge and fancy hooks. I still haven't gotten my beetle wings in yet and as you might have guessed I'm getting impatient about that. It's the last task I still have in queue. Everything else in the shop is remade and once the snowflakes are done then it really is time to start working on extra stock for the shop with every free moment because I will lose a lot of hours to schooling very soon. I do wish it felt more like fall though, preparing for the holidays when it's 107º outside just feels wrong.

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