Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Look, Cats!

I think we're finally settling into a routine for schooling. Sure, it's really to early to tell whether we've really got this down, but the school's site was behaving better and the kids were complaining less and we even managed a science experiment without major headaches or drama. It now seems possible that I will in fact survive the school year fully intact and I might actually get some work done as well.

I knocked out another couple of pieces that needed remaking. I opted for one of the more complex ones so it was really just the two things I got done on that front. I also had the pleasure of babysitting nieces after they got out of school so there was another couple of hours where tatting was possible but ill advised.

Oh, I do have one silly story to report. You know the necklace package that went missing on it's way to Europe? Yes, the one I ordered the beetle wing cases for, so I could remake one to send. I finished it over the weekend and put the replacement in the mail Monday morning. Then, and this is not shocking, I received a message yesterday letting me know that the original one had just arrived. Let me put this in perspective, the necklace was ordered and sent in the middle of May...May. That's three months it's lost in the ether of the postal service. It was perfectly reasonable to assume that it was lost forever or stolen. When I ordered the beetle wings cases, I still had to wait like three weeks to receive them. The necklace could have showed up at any time, but it waits until the day after I mail a new one. Seriously, I don't even care...Murphy is a mean, mean entity.

In other news, I'm still waiting on a reply from the boutonniere customer that didn't list colors. Folks who don't answer their emails in 24 hours when the content is time sensitive confuse me. Of course I may be an aberration as I check my email nearly constantly and if I don't respond immediately, I usually forget entirely. I'll probably send the piece tomorrow morning regardless and then get a message the next day letting me know it was completely different colors that they wanted. See what Murphy did? He stole any trace of optimism I might have possessed.

So today is again just more of the same. More remaking, more schooling and hoping that my birthday sale wasn't all the sales I'm getting for the rest of the month. I'm catching up, I can handle more sales now Universe. Oh and I hope you enjoy the cat pictures even though one of them is really just a black spot with eyes. He kind of looks like a furby from that angle huh? Well, until tomorrow.


Crazy Mom Tats! said...

O'Toole's correlary: Murphy was an optomist.

Love the kitties! More cats, if no tatting is available! I always love cats!

Liriel B said...

I had a similar situation where I ordered a set of DVDs, they didn't arrive, I emailed the seller, they offered to send me another set, I said we could wait a few more days to be sure, they sent me a new set and the original set showed up the next day. My husband sold some parts on ebay, shipped them to the UK and it took them around six months to get to their door even though the website said it was sitting in their local PO. They went down to check all the time and the package wasn't there. The mail service is a strange machine.