Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Too Quiet

I think I jinxed myself pretty good yesterday when I commented on the consistency of sales recently. I mean I am sitting at a sort of wood desk and I didn't even bother to knock on it after I wrote that sentence and the result was a calm and quiet day on the shop front. I got the new necklace listed and I cleaned the laundry room which doubles as the cat's bathroom. No, that really wasn't a great idea...litter gets everywhere, but it was getting ridiculous. The necklace turned out nice though. I really like the pointed ends.  It reminds me a bit of those fancy Venice lace collars only smaller.

Since I didn't have anything left to remake for the shop it was back to the snowflakes after that. I'm trying to do at least a couple of them a day, but I'm suppose to be making I think 20 of them so it's still going to be a while before I complete them. I'm also making up new patterns as I go so I don't get too bored making the same couple of pieces over and over. When I was doing one of the newer designs I thought I saw an interesting pendant shape within it. This seems to be happening a lot to me lately. I must be starved for a little creativity. Anyway, I stopped with the snowflake and made this little piece. The plan at this point it to attach some chains to either side for a necklace. I had tried extending the design out a bit, but my first attempt was not attractive, so it will probably stay as is.

I did have one disappointing moment yesterday to recount. I was messaged by a stylist on facebook asking to use some masks for a photo shoot this weekend.  The disappointing bit is that I felt the need to say no. They are located in New York City which is the home of everything I send there gets lost on its way. I just can't do it anymore. They always contact me with a week or less until their shoots and I rush out pieces using various shipping companies. Then I get the message that they haven't arrived and of course the shipping companies, USPS, UPS, FedEx all say they have been delivered. So it would seem that they get lost or stolen in these large, over populated buildings and I'm out opportunities and usually large, expensive pieces. It's just not worth all the stress. Heck I sent pieces to Canada with less trouble and they had a much more realistic time frame. I know I'm probably shooting myself in the foot here, but the last lost package to NYC was just a couple of months ago and would have been in one of the Vogue magazines from another county, but it got lost after being delivered and I lost a mask and a necklace so the wound is still fresh.

So the only plan for today is to get this tatted bit turned into a necklace and hopefully listed in the shop as well. Oh, and more snowflakes of course...many more snowflakes.

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God's Kid said...

Really great necklace!!! :)