Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day Two

I feel like starting today's post with, 'Day two of Hell week.', but that's actually a severe overstatement. Sure, it's been over busy and yesterday was occasionally nightmarish dealing with the schools website that just did not want to load in certain classes, but it has to normalize sooner or later...right?

Schooling wasn't over until lunch time and even then the oldest had a couple of things she had to do after lunch, but they did not require my supervision, so I was done at lunch time anyway. The picture is of her elite insect handling skills outside during lunch. She had caught a damsel fly in her net and retrieved it like this to show it off before letting it fly off unharmed. Gorgeous blue, huh?

I did get to work on those dozens of sold pieces and got one new order for a boutonniere sans color choices. I hate when people don't leave color choices on custom pieces. I made one like the listing photo and sent both an etsy  convo and an email to request further instruction as soon as I got the order and still no reply so I get to sit on the order until I do hear back. I think I managed to get three small pieces remade and listed. I've got only a few small ones left before I will have to start tackling the larger sold pieces. I always seem to save those for last and I can generally get only one of them done in a day so I feel extra boring those days.

I do have one more picture to show you though. I forgot my husband took and posted this when I got my beetle wings in over the weekend. It's the extremely glamorous job of sorting through hundreds of wing cases looking for matching pairs, or at least ones that make a right and left of similar size. I'm also sorting out the ones with completely different shades. Most of these were blue/purple/green, but there were a few with an orange cast that just stand out. Clearly I am also being photo bombed by my child who has developed a taste for being on camera. No, she didn't start destroying my work after the photo was taken. She just hovered uncomfortable close while I drilled holes in the elytra. Don't worry she'll get put to work soon enough.

So today is just more of the same. More remaking, more schooling, more household running...I guess I could call it day two of Hell week. Just know that this hell isn't really too bad.

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