Monday, August 13, 2012


The heat this weekend was ridiculous and it's not even finished being that hot yet. There are several more days of it predicted which adds a silly element to the task I completed over the weekend. In 108º weather I finished a large batch of snowflakes coating them in glitter and adding whimsical hooks with pearls to each one. It's just too bad that pretend snowflakes don't have any sort of cooling effect. All they did was mess up my sense of how far away Winter still is. Of course everyone is talking about Fall and it's hard enough to think about that in this heat. My birthday is Wednesday and it's always marked the last couple of weeks of summer, but with the kids school starting the day after it, it feels weird and wrong and snowflakes and everything is just off. I must take a deep breath and focus.

After the snowflake project I had just one piece to remake for the shop as I'm still waiting on the beetle wings. I'm slowly losing patience for the mail service at this point. Anyway, once that piece was remade I made a supply order and began picking pieces already in the shop to make more of. Right now I'm just working on the pieces that are being renewed in the shop in the order they show up. What I really need to do is take a good look at what has been selling well now and what has sold well during past holiday seasons and get stock made of those pieces. That will require research and math and I'll probably just wait until I'm in the mood for that sort of nonsense before I do all that though. For now it'll just be remaking whatever strikes my fancy or whatever sells next. You've probably guessed that I'm just stalling until schooling starts and all my free time is reallocated. Shifting gears is hard work.


staci said...

The snowflakes are beautiful!

Jessica said...

Very beautiful snowflakes. Is there a pattern?