Thursday, August 30, 2012


I'm sorry. I've got nothing witty nor interesting to share with you this morning. I educated children, I tatted and I tatted and I tatted some more. There was also some laundry in there as well. There was, however nothing else of interest to share. No crazy cat or kid stories. No unexpected emails or phone calls. I had no good ideas nor made any plans. It was a truly uneventful day.

I mean I did get things done, two of my bigger bracelets, so that list of things that needs remaking is getting a little shorter. I think I'm down to just a half a dozen things now and none of the ones left are really big or important to have listed, so there's really no rush. I think I might spend the day making cat ear headbands. I had an awful time finding new headbands and I should really use them now that I found some that should work. I was just picking them up at the store, but I'm getting the impression, after a long internet search, that the manufacturer stopped making that particular kind. So I've got to try something slightly different and hope it behaves the same way. I need them to be thin and fabric covered so I can sew on the the ears securely since I just don't trust glue.

Well, look at that. I managed to find something to blather on about when I was certain there was nothing to share. It wasn't particularly interesting, but take what you can get, right? Maybe I will find some time to be creative today instead. It might just be time for something completely different for no other reason than for me to appear more interesting online for a spell.

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