Friday, August 24, 2012


Finally, the end of the week. Seriously this thing was starting to feel endless. I'm still out of sorts as far as my tatting time goes. I can't seem to really get focused and stay there. I managed to mostly finish the mask project. There's just a bit left to do there and that one will be off to its owner. I got a request for an order of multiple barefoot sandals, but the customer has not yet returned to make that purchase, so it may or may not happen.  If it does, that will be a few days at least of non stop work. If it doesn't I'll have to buckle under and get some more of those sold pieces listed.

Today is the first field trip for our homeschool, a park day. Then we, as a family are planning to head down to the zoo. It should be a nice day, full of something different to do. I'm hoping after this and a nice weekend that next week will start completely in the swing of things and that I'll have finally gotten the hang of doing most of my tatting in the afternoon. Now that school is here I'm also hoping for a bit of a cool down in the weather because it just doesn't feel like school when it's nearly 100º outside. At least we can say we survived the first full week of school. Though technically today just started, so I'm gonna knock on some wood right now and get the day started.

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