Friday, August 17, 2012

I'm Tired

The most obvious side effect a successful sale is marked tiredness. Between getting all the orders finished and out the door and starting schooling with the kids yesterday I don't think I stopped moving until seven in the evening and even then my brain was still working out things as I tried desperately to watch television mindlessly. Even after a full nights sleep, I'm dragging. The good thing is aside from one last order that had an additional request added to it, they are all on their way with free gifts. Now the fun part begins. Did I say fun? I meant the mind numbingly repetitive task of remaking dozens of sold pieces for days on end. Can you tell I'm really looking forward to it? Well, honestly how can I complain? I t was a successful sale and the only bad result is having to tat nonstop for days which I was probably going to do anyway, so there really is no downside, just a slightly more boring side if you will.

The other major task for the day was my first day homeschooling both kids. Sure that happened all the time last year, but not officially with two different curriculums to work into the day. We'll be fine, but there were so many glitches yesterday with the computers that it was quite a slow, frustrating start. It was funny because we started early and as soon as 8:30 rolled around the computer began have hiccups and minor heart attacks. I'm guessing because everyone else and their dog was on the system by that point. Hopefully it all settles down well. It's assured that the morning until lunch time will, from this point on, belong to schooling and I think perhaps some time after lunch for the oldest as well. This does put a dent in my tatting time, so you'll forgive me if my productivity suffers a bit. Turning my children into well educated adults really is a priority for me.

Sorry for yet another boring, picture-less post. Hopefully the weekend will bring some adventure and some sleep because I am exhausted.

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