Thursday, August 23, 2012

Almost Settled

Schooling is getting easier by the day around here. It seems that a full week is needed to really get up to speed and establish the all important routine that makes this sort of arrangement work. That's why I had really hoped that the school would have released the classes early so I could get a jump on it, but they didn't and I had to use the first full week of school for all the crazy flailing that ends in balance. Even though it has gotten easier it is clear that the mornings belong to the children and I get the afternoons for tatting and other work related nonsense. Aside from me having less time, I've also realized that I am far less productive in the afternoon. I'm getting tired by that point and I just want to watch a little television and relax a little. That however, is not the life of one who works creatively at home. If I want to keep my head above water I have to work every moment I'm given. Hopefully next week will bring the balance and routine to my afternoons as well.

I did get one custom order in yesterday that will keep me busy for a couple of days. Oddly enough it's one of the few masks I have listed that is not black, so it was requested in black. The tatting is almost done on it as I received the order at lunch time. This is one of my embellished masks though, so there is plenty of work still. I have crystals to sew on, embroidery to do and I finish this one with strings of beads cascading down from the mask. Working on something with a home to go to is so much more satisfying that working on sold pieces that might just sit in the shop for months. It also gives me a sense of urgency that keeps me on task.

So that's the plan for today, schooling and then the custom black mask. Then of course when that is done it's back to the pile that still needs remaking because it didn't get any smaller yesterday. I sure hope I don't need to do any housework anytime soon, because I think I'd have to do that in my sleep to get any done.

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