Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Another long, crazy day at our house. It started out pretty normal with a morning of schooling and me working on getting a mask remade. I was ever so determined to get it finished in one day even though I know it takes longer than that. Of course I had started it the night before so I had a bit of a head start and that was enough to propel me forward.

Then the kids went off for lunch with grandma and I tatted faster because I knew as soon as they were back, the house would be invaded with cousins as I was booked to babysit for the afternoon and evening. Surprisingly, I was able to keep tatting while they were here and they even sat down and did their homework before they unleashed Armageddon on the household. They're good kids, but when you mix them with mine they all develop a special gift for chaos.

I didn't stop making the mask though and as the day was ending I finished it, placed it in the mask box and promptly got an order for a different mask. So guess what I'll be remaking today? I'm not complaining, just pointing out how I will seemingly never finish with the remake queue. Its become like some sort of sisyphean task. As much as I like keeping busy, I also enjoy that brief moment of relief when something is completed. Where you can sit back and say, 'Ah, I'm done.' and wonder what to do next, but I just need that for a moment. I do still prefer busy.

I do have one more little thing to share. The youngest just lost her first tooth. You see, the bottom two were both ready to wiggle out of her mouth, but like most kids she had developed a fear of the potential pain and we couldn't get her to do anything more than wiggle them with her tongue really. When the cousins were over they started plotting all sorts of ways to get the teeth out. You know, creative ones involving dental floss and thrown objects. Luckily once they left and before her sister could convince her to actually try one of said methods she pushed on one and it popped out. Still waiting on the other one, but I suppose we should stop and celebrate the one victory rather than jump right into another battle. One down and one to go...for now.

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