Friday, August 3, 2012

I Love Busy

It was another beautifully busy day. I sold a larger necklace early in the morning giving me a day long tatting project right off the bat, but first I had to get the masks and eye patches ready to ship. Normally I press pieces in the laundry room on the counter, but there were a lot of them so I pulled out the ironing board. I then left the room for about a minute and this is what I returned to. Yep, two cats on the board. Lucky for them the iron wasn't on yet or they might have discovered what hot is.

Once they were shooed away I got the order pressed and packed. Then I decided to go ahead and do at least one rose tattoo pendant for the shop. I'm always trying to find more inexpensive pieces to add for the holidays to increase the gift giving possibilities for people. I might do up more colors just to show options, but I stopped with black for now because I did have a necklace to remake after all. I worked on that all day finishing late in the evening when the day was closed with a small ring order in a custom color giving me my first task for today.

With the large order done and everything in the store nice and caught up I shall be working on a snowflake request from months ago that's meant for the holiday season as well. It was one of those things I put on the back burner when I got busy because I knew I had time. Then I forgot about it when I did have free time, so that leaves me where I need to remember to work on it a little bit every day until I get it finished. That'll teach me to prioritize without reevaluating it every so often. At least I really know I'll be busy for a while regardless of sales in the shop.


Crazy Mom Tats! said...

Purr purr.

My cats would have knocked down that ironing board by jumpingon it - they're hulks!

Trouble said...

I am so glad it not just me that as to fight the cats to get to the ironing board.......not that I fight too hard!!!LOL

Luv Jane XXX