Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Again

Here we are at another Monday. There is another week of schooling ahead along with another week of saying I'm going to get things remade for the shop, but barely scratching the surface on the task. We did have an exhausting but pleasant weekend though. It started with an action packed Friday that ended with a trip to the zoo to see the new sea lion habitat. The children brought their cameras so there was a lot of 'slow down, I need to take a picture'. There weren't a lot of people so it was quite leisurely, but hot, very hot.

Saturday was our normal errand running on top of car washing, a nice dinner out and the children's first viewing of Monty Python and the Search For The Holy Grail.  Sunday had an extra visit to the cousins with much crazy playtime and quite honestly I'll be a bit surprised if the children have any energy today. Of course they will because that is the super power all children seem to have.

I did manage to get a couple of pieces remade and thankfully a couple more were sold and added to that list as well. Of course the one custom request that I got of Thursday didn't happen. I do so wish that people who change their minds would simply share that information with me. A simple, 'Sorry, I found something else' or, 'I changed my mind' would suffice. I hate waiting and wondering. Should I change the listing back now? Should I leave it just in case? See, a simple response would really be the polite thing to do, but it is so rare that I actually get one. The silly thing is, it really is no big deal either way, it's the not knowing that bothers me.

So this week as with last week I shall spend my time schooling the children and getting things remade for the shop. Once all the pieces I want to remake are done it's time to focus on getting extra masks and cat ears made before people start shopping for Halloween stuff though as I think I've mentioned before my masks don't actually sell very well this time of year. I imagine it's due to the deluge of very cheap alternatives, but following this holiday they do start selling as there are more winter holiday masquerade parties than you might image. So the plans for the day are made and now it's time to start the week since I can't just crawl into a cat pile and sleep the day away like some four leggeds I know.

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