Thursday, April 14, 2011


I got nothing. That's right, I have no pictures, no stories of anecdotal value, no new tatting...nothing. I spent the day like I said I would tatting up sold items to be re listed. You've likely seen them all before so pictures would be silly. I didn't go anywhere or do anything of any real consequence. I wore my new shoes around the house to break them in and I nursed the first cold sore I've gotten since I started taking l-lysine months ago...apparently it can stop most of them, but not all. That, my friends, was the whole of the day.

Now I am sitting here searching my brain for any bit of interesting I might have to share. I haven't had any new sales, but I did have another wholesale inquiry. It was for an online boutique so I will say no. I just really don't see the point of offering a lower price to someone who is selling online where I already have a presence. It is still flattering to be asked of course, it's just not worth all the drama. Hell, I'm still dealing with the last one as there have been some paypal issues delaying the final payment. So, I haven't been able to ship that one and the box is just staring at me.

So, what's on tap for today? I think that you already know. There are more pieces to remake, those shoes still need more breaking in and this cold sore won't be leaving me for days. I'm hoping for something interesting to happen today. By that I do mean good interesting, not bad interesting. Oh, and it should be something I can actually work with not one of those passing opportunities from someone who never gets back to me. There have been too many of those lately, so yeah, there you have it...all the excitement that is my average day.

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