Monday, April 25, 2011

A Tat Free Weekend

Yep, I was right, it was an incredibly busy weekend. I didn't tat a single thing the last two days, not a thing. On Saturday the family headed to Lowe's to build birdhouses and we picked up free trees and planted those when we got home. There was a trip to the comic book shop and then because we were bad parents a stealth trip to acquire Easter goodies all by myself while the rest of the family napped. Remind me never to do that was a mad house. When the kids got up it was egg decorating with a bug kit. Never mind that no one is going to eat those eggs. The day ended with video games and sweet sleep.

We decided to do Sunday with just the four of us instead of the whole big family thing. This had its up moments and its down ones...those are the ones I got blamed for. Still, there was candy and an egg hunt, much video game playing and some movie watching. The weather wasn't very good, so that's why we stayed in most of the day. I made my first ham and though it actually took longer in our convection oven than I anticipated, it turned out pretty good. Also, I swear this picture was not a posed shot. I walked into the room and the cat had apparently crawled right into the basket and made himself at home. How could I not share that?

So today, we're headed over to the ocean for a quick day trip. I might tat in the car, but just because I think I'm going through withdrawals. I also have a few odd situations going on that have kept me awfully distracted. First there's the large order that finally got paid for and will get shipped tomorrow that is inducing shipping based paranoia. Then there is the piece that got returned to me in the mail on Friday. It was placed into a second envelope and mailed back with no note or explanation. I've gotten no emails or convos asking for a refund or exchange and I do have a clearly posted return policy which does not include an automatic full refund and requests contact first. So, you can image that I'm a bit unsure how to proceed here. I think I'm just going to sit on my hands for a few days and see if I hear anything. I just don't understand why one would send something back without first inquiring as to whether that was okay. Anyway, off to the ocean then and I'll talk at you again tomorrow.

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