Thursday, April 28, 2011

On Zoos And Regret

Another lovely, but exhausting day. It was sunny and breezy and really a perfect day to be outside at the zoo all day. I know I've been to the San Diego zoo, but it was so long ago I barely remember a thing, so this is by far the nicest zoo I have in memory. It's full of large overgrown plants and most of the enclosures are open, large and full of native plants as well. It is a good thing we all took an allergy pill before leaving though. There is also nothing like being in the audience of a bird show with at least three different elementary or preschool groups to make me truly appreciate how well behaved my own are. I mean, they are still kids and thus slightly insane, but they listen to directions, sit quietly and watch the show.

Anyway, we did get back fairly early in the day, even a good zoo can only occupy the kids for so many hours at a time. I finished remaking a couple of things and obsessively tracked my large order package. It did get stalled because of weather in the mid-west yesterday, but it appears to be moving again.

Oh, man I almost forgot to tell you. So yesterday morning after I wrote the blog post, I was looking through my shop traffic numbers and there was a big spike on Tuesday. I look to see where it's coming from and it's...regresty...crap. It was a direct link so I go there and it was a feature on another tatter's 'bridal' mask. The listing was likely chosen for a couple of reasons, a badly spelled name and description and for the mere idea of wearing a mask to ones wedding. The normal ha, ha mocking started and there were also several defenders of her spelling noting that English is not her first language as well as defense of tatting itself. Apparently there was also a troll battle in the comment thread as well. None of that is my point however as someone linked to my shop in the comments to mock mostly my 'cheesy masks' and my barefoot sandals. Again there was some mocking and some defending. It can get downright cruel over there sometimes though generally the things posted mock themselves. This was the closest I'd ever come to being featured and it really wasn't all that bad. We all have different tastes and sometimes we don't get who would wear or use something we wouldn't. I mean, I don't wear barefoot sandals, but they sell well to belly dancers and for beach weddings, so why not. Here's hoping that this remains the closet I ever come to regretsy fame though.

I'm not sure what today has in store, we've no big plans. Probably schooling, errand running and maybe some cleaning, though honestly I am just ridiculously sore and tired after all that walking about and then sitting in a car for hours Monday and yesterday, so I might fight the cleaning bit and curl up like this porcupine fellow. We'll just see how it goes and roll with it I guess.


jenilin said...

glad you had fun at the zoo!!!!! children home with homeschooling parents do seem to me more well behaved, but i am biased, i have always wanted to homeschool!!!!!!

Jen (pieKnits) said...

I've had things commented on/mocked by people who didn't "get it before. My personal philosophy is if you're creating something that's so bland as to actually appeal to everyone - you're doing it wrong. ;)
So I take it as a compliment!

louine said...

Don't worry about the regretsy thing....Sounds like a "candle-snuffer's" comment (my daughter and I call them that)---you know people who have to blow out someone else candle for theirs to be noticed.....
Plus, Variety is what makes life interesting.

Bree at "Bree's Way" said...
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Bree at "Bree's Way" said...

Your children are beautiful! you truly have little gems :)

As far as the nasty comments, you surely realize, it immediately became not about your tatting or site and about the argument that ensued for the sake of having an argument. I have chatted online for years, years..... and I can tell you, many times , nearly all the time, it soon becomes not about the actual subject and becomes about who can make their point and be the loudest, or who can sway others to be "on their side" unless one is correcting someone on actual facts.

When it is a simple onion statement such as this, there isn't a need to argue about it, and again, it is done for attention not about the person the fuss is being made over.

You are likely to have gotten more people who will now visit your blog than you got harm from it, so please keep smiling and remember, net children are worse than any preschool fight there ever was :X