Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Day After

I'd like to start off with a big Thank You! for all the entries in the giveaway yesterday full of very nice things. You do still have a few more days to enter in the comments of yesterdays post if you missed it. Yesterday was a sort of up, sort of down day. I of course had jury duty and for the very first time ever we were dismissed after only an hour or so of waiting about. Every other time I have gone it has stolen days of my life without ever actually making it onto a jury. So, I suppose that was both a down and then an up. Then I got another down as one of the older cats had been getting whiny as of late and we were finally allowed to discover that his teeth were is a sad state. Since I was out of jury duty and the kids still had grandma watching them, I took Boo to the vet. He had a fever and as suspected he had a few bad teeth giving him issues. The vet assures me that everything should theoretically be fine after he has some teeth pulled today...but I don't even want to tell you how much that is going to cost us...yikes. Yes, I know we should have been cleaning the cats teeth, but I also know that's not likely to happen. The other cats are of course all currently annoyed at me as I cannot feed them until I've taken Boo to the vet and that's not for a few hours yet. It's going to be one of those days.

In other news, I had one new necklace that I didn't get to show you yesterday because I opted for the whole giveaway to be the focus of the post. This is another sepia version piece made with one of my new necklace designs. Interestingly, I had to use one more repeat of the pattern to get the brown version the same length as the black. I've always been a bit boggled by the slight difference in thread size due to dye. It's really obvious with some thread, but really difficult to explain to people when they want the same design in different colors and one piece is slightly larger. Anyway, I digress, like the other sepia piece I used brass toned seed beads along the bottom edge, but this one also has the adjustable clasp so it can sit lower on ones neck.

So I drop off the cat later this morning for his dental work and I am watching my oldest nephew today since he's out of school for the week and too old to go to the babysitter his siblings go to. I don't know how much of anything else I'll be able to get done with just those two events, but I do have one bracelet to remake and I'd like to play with some other vintage patterns and see if there are any other designs waiting to emerge. I guess we'll just have to see how the day goes.


Sharon D. said...

I love this one. All of your tatting is beautiful.

jenilin said...

good luck with and to Boo. I am loving turning the blacks into sepias it is such a beautiful color!! You are really tatting up storm lately lots of pieces done, not to mention now you can do it while reading comics that is hilarious!!!!! have a great day!!!!!!!!

Sherry said...

Oh, my, STUNNING!! I'm not much into black, personally, but I adore the sepia!! It's so nice that you're willing to PAY for such good care for Boo. Humankind domesticated cats, dogs, etc., so if we don't take care of them, who will :-) ~Tatikan/Sher