Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I think I have reached a point beyond tired this morning. The trip to the coast was lovely, but man, where do the kids get all that energy? We've been to the aquarium scads of times so we almost let them just take us where they want to go as we follow behind. Then there was the beach, the Dennis The Menace park trip and finally the running wild through Casa de Fruta on the way home. I figured at some point they'd choose rest, but no. Only in the car on the way home did either of them catch a nap and even then it was brief. There is a reason we make this a three day long trip in the summer, packing it all into one day is exhausting and no, I got no tatting done.

Today I've got a whole Monday worth of work to catch up on. I have the giveaway necklaces to mail, my large order to get posted which will require a trip to UPS to ask for help and a special order I received yesterday needs to be made. Also, it's back to the regular home school schedule again too. We're in the home stretch with about a month and a half left so I really can't lollygag on that either. Oh and of course I skipped one day on dishes, laundry and other miscellaneous household chores. You know what I miss? When vacation days were actually vacations and didn't create more work for me. Being the grown up is occasionally just a pain. Speaking of pain, I've got a headache already this morning, so I'm going to go takes something and get on with my day.

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jenilin said...

hope you feel better and i am glad you had a good weekend. once you are recovered you will probably realize the fun you had even as an adult!!!!!!!!!