Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Am Less Whiny Today

Wow, I just read back yesterdays post and I really ought not write when I have a headache. I was terribly whiny and I apologize for that. In the future I will take something for the headache prior to subjecting anyone to my thoughts. We were back to schooling yesterday and I'm glad to say there was little complaint from the child. Husband is home all week, so she knew she had to get it done quickly and quietly if she wanted to go adventuring. After school I took that planned trip to UPS and I'll tell you, it's actually scarier when everything seems to go well and quickly. I fear I will be on pins and needles until that thing arrives at its destination and with the back weather back east, that will take slightly longer than anticipated.

I did finally get the old needle and thread back out and finished up a custom awareness bracelet. This time in gray with a dark purple ribbon. I'm still pretty proud of that ribbon design idea, but I did fail to snap a picture and I already packed it up. I also sold a couple of things yesterday that will want to be remade and I got started on those. I didn't get much done though because we did adventure much of the day. There was a picnic and playing in the park. Then we went to a plant nursery to look for a tree. There is one in our neighbors yard, but we had no idea what it was, then it flowered and we wanted one even more and after much google searching, I finally ran across it yesterday and we went on the hunt to get one. Of course like all the trees we take to, people in the gardening forums had much horrible to say about it being invasive and whatnot. We bought it anyway. Oh, it's a purple robe locust tree. Apparently it's very fast growing, has gorgeous purple flower clusters in the Spring and despite the small thorns should provide excellent shade for the kids jungle gym thing in the backyard. There was more errand running and kids car washing after that as well.

Today's adventures include a trip to the Fresno Zoo which is about an hour from here. Our own local zoo is a small rescue zoo and though we do visit it often, the Fresno one is much nicer. So it's off to that then. I'd say that I would work in the car, but I didn't on the way to Monterey and it's doubtful I will today. Of course this will be a shorter trip so perhaps after we get home I will still have time to get some things made up. Oh, also one small cryptic update on the secret project. I should be able to share either way next Friday. So in a week and some change both you and I will know the outcome. You know what I hate? Not knowing whether I should be excited or not because I still have no idea if my contribution to the project was even actually used. Deep breath...and relax and on with the day.

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jenilin said...

have fun at the zoo!!!!!!!!!! you weren't too whiney yesterday although i did assume your mood was slightly less serene than normal!!!!!!!!!!!