Thursday, April 21, 2011


What a wonky day. Boo, the cat was dropped off early for his dental work and I already had my nephew over as well. Honestly watching him is a breeze since he just plays with the girls which makes watching my own kids a bit easier, but it does keep me a bit more distracted as I try to pay more attention to where they all are and what they're up to. An extra kid usually means an extra mess and my kids doing things they wouldn't usually do alone.

I completely meant to remake a bracelet in the morning, but instead I decided to play with old patterns. I found a hanky edging that held promise, so I dissected it, rewrote a few bits and added a few others to come up with a new earring. I hung these ones from hoops instead of hooks because I'd had a customer request hoops. She has gauged piercings and hoops are easier to wear. Of course that customer disappeared before making a purchase, but I liked the idea of the different option so I got some hoops with my last supply order.

Then I spent much of the afternoon attempting different ideas and failing miserably. Nothing was working at all. It might have been distraction due to cat surgery, which went fine by the way, though ended up costing even more with 5 teeth being pulled. I wish I could say we'd be brushing all the cats teeth from now on, though we might try, I really don't see that working out well particularly with the older cats. I really do like my fingers in an uninjured state.

Toward the end of my babysitting duties, when I knew the cat was fine, I finally had an idea to revive the shoulder jewelry concept. I scrapped the original as it was not going to work at all. It was, my friends, full of fail. I decided to go the chain route and I think I almost have a working piece. It's a bit over the top, but wearable. I might try to get some photos today, but the at&t TV guy might also be coming to do something about our picture issues. I have loved uverse since we got it when we bought the house almost two years ago, but lately it's started freezing and pix-elating and the sound pops. It's awful and the online support said our problem requires a technician, so I scheduled one online for this morning. I will honestly be surprised if one shows up because that would be too easy, but if my TV doesn't return to me soon with a smooth watchable picture, I will get hostile.

So, I suppose I have no idea how today will play either. I had hoped the homeschooling break would have been more of a break for me, but I might have expected a little too much. Just two days left and not much to show for it. I guess that's life. You still have one last day to get entry comments on Tuesdays giveaway post. They're are quite a few, but I know there are more of you out there to enter. I'll likely choose a winner Friday afternoon so I time to count the entries and get them all properly numbered for the drawing. Thanks again for helping me celebrate.

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RandaGray said...

Those earrings are gorgeous! I think they might have moved to the top of my favorite things you've done list :) If the hanky edging looks anything like them I'd love to see the pattern. Not for earrings of course, but for the plain old hanky.... :)