Monday, April 11, 2011

Starting Again

Well, that was quite the weekend. We spent a lot of time acquiring and then assembling storage things. Some people clean in the spring, we organize. Never mind that both the compulsion to do so and the energy required to maintain fall away by mid summer and the whole process will be repeated next Spring, it looks nice right now.

I would also like to publicly thank the Universe for listening to me on Friday. The shop immediately picked up almost to the point of 'be careful what you wish for', but I think it's under control. It is definitely not giving me any time to remake things, but I'm trying to make two of things that are bought as custom so I can list them again straight away. I was going to make this a cautionary tale about asking the Universe for attention, but I wonder if I shouldn't ask for a load of cash first? Yeah, that would likely end badly so I will just stick with, The Universe is Listening.

So, there is a week left before the potential secret project reveal. Interestingly that is also the 5th anniversary of my etsy shop and the day I have jury duty, so it might be a bit of a wash in the joy department. I'm still trying to decide if I should bother doing anything for the anniversary as I will likely be too busy to promote anything properly and with my luck if I plan something too big I'll get empaneled or be stuck there for days anyway.

So, this week its tatting, tatting and more tatting, you know, like most weeks. I hope yours is lovely and there's some backyard songbirds.


Anika said...

I like how you say the "Universe", it's much more spiritual and loose than more pressing terms and ideas, I use that also.

Referring to a previous post, how do you copyright (write?) your patterns? All the ways that I've heard of to copyright are a little ridiculous :-/

Good luck with all the orders :-)

TotusMel said...

Hi Anika, It's my understanding that you automatically have copyright control over your written designs as soon as they are created, but a formal copyright requires filing the design and paying a fee for each design, but since I have not gone through that official process I don't know the exact details.