Monday, April 4, 2011

No, I'm not finished with my enormous order yet, but I'm about halfway there. I did get a lot of tatting done over the weekend, but it was primarily focused on my youngest daughters birthday. First I spent days cleaning the house, then I decorated the house, then after the party I had to undecorate and clean again. Of course it's was all worth it as she had a wonderful time with her cousins. I just need a week long nap now and I am not going to get it because I still have half an order to fill. I have woken the Wunderkammer and will try to keep it up this week. I'm also looking forward to a thread shipment so I can finish up a small special order.  So I will start the week off with kittens and epically popular bird feeder and perhaps there will actually be some lace to share this week.


Fox said...

Gorgeous animal life at your place!
Fox : )

Marmalade said...

Your designs are beautiful! And your cats look exactly like mine when they were kittens =D