Monday, April 18, 2011


It occurred to me on Friday that I may have made some incorrect assumptions regarding the timeline for my secret project. Aside from one short conversation with my contact, I've heard nothing since I delivered my pieces and I have been merely tracking news of it online. Yes, it is big enough that I can do that. Anyway I assumed based on some information I found that things would be revealed this week, but have since learned that may not be the case. The last bit of semi-reliable information came in the form of 'sometime late this month'. It's likely that you and I both will discover at the same time whether or not my pieces were actually used with any prominence. So again, sorry for all the teasing, but we've waited this long, what's another couple of weeks, right?

I did get some work done over the weekend. The necklace I showed you on Friday was finished and listed. I enjoyed the look of the silver beads dotting the edge so much that I made a second necklace with the same effect. It also gave me a chance to successfully use the frilled node stitch that has been eating at my brain since Marliee's teardrop set. I started with a bit of a vintage edging. I had to really redo the stitch counts to make it lay well and I changed all the chains to the node stitch or Victorian sets adding in the silver beads.

Once that one was done I had one of my sepia pieces to remake and that sent me down the path of doing both of the newest necklace in browns. I had to pop by Michael's for some brassy seed beads to make them, but I should have both of them done and listed later today. I also have one small custom order to work on today and of course the rest of the week is wholly uncertain due to jury duty that starts tomorrow. I am really crossing my fingers that it's only a few days as I really don't want it to affect my daughter's schooling, nor my business. I had postponed my service to this week because it's her vacation so hopefully that works out okay.


Ann Martin said...

Will be on the lookout for Lady Gaga to wear your secret project... that's my guess and I'm sticking to it. :) But if it's not her, she really needs to be introduced to your work!

Nikki said...

Since the brassy seed beads are from Michaels is it the same for the silver ones?

TotusMel said...

@Nikki, no the silver ones are actually sterling silver.